Mr. Mukund Bhalerao, CEO, AMK People Network Pvt. Ltd.

  The key to organization success is resilience to regain its position, because every product has its own life-cycle and every business has a business cycle. Sometimes, routine course, important aspects are overlooked leading organization’s deteriorating performance. People start wondering what has gone wrong, as activities are continue, insiders do not detect the missing things.

  Organization Diagnosis is a process which helps to unearth those dormant aspects which are responsible for the slowing down the organizational progress. Instead of waiting for a deafening impact of change, wise organizations become proactive and initiate the planned change, better known as Organization Development [OD].

   Every organization needs to undergo the diagnostic process periodically. This is similar to our individual lives; where we go for annual health check-up and take prompt corrective and preventive action. OD encompasses the whole organization and diagnoses it for excellent organization health. The resultants interventions could be of different nature; training could be a major one and not only one.

  Training needs to be based on accurately dentified training needs of the individual employee, so that it adds value to the organization by enhancing the competencies of the employees. Education, experience, skill and training make the person competent. Competency profiling tools adopted by us help you to appreciate the gap between ‘desirable competency and actual competency’.

  However, organization, based on its inferences drawn from day-to-day working of individuals and observations of role-set members, assume certain training requirements of employees. We train the employees, based on such assumptions, as well as undertake the Organization Development intervention.