About Us

AMK People Network Pvt. Ltd.
Aurangabad, Maharashtra State
India – 431 007

AMK People Network Private Limited came into existence in June 2011, by way of incorporation under the provisions of The Indian Companies Act, 1956. The idea had emerged after a prolonged deliberations amongst four professional possessing expertise in four different areas, namely, Organization Development and Human Resources, Medical, Law and Engineering and Projects.

In today`s fast changing world, the knowledge and competencies are also rapidly vanishing and becoming obsolete and thereby raising new questions before the head of organizations; whether it is large scale industry or a small scale industry. Technological innovations, though making the life of human beings, better than before every time, it is also posing different challenges before the executives.

The workforce, in all organizations and at every level, is getting transformed into a knowledge worker, rather a transformer of a product or a service. Dissemination of knowledge is the basic purpose of any training, methodology or other intervention made in any organization for the purpose of Organization Development.

AMKP is not driven by a purely commercial motive, but it has its own commitment for social obligations; even though they are not mandatory by law, as on date. The important commitments are like Girl Education, Free Legal Aid etc. ; which are not easy to act upon, but they keep alive the mission of social concern in the hearts, always. An individual or organization, which is sensitive and concerned to its social obligation goes a long way and can reach its zenith.

The top most vision of the AMKP is to go beyond the territorial boundaries of the country and transcend the knowledge in the area of Organization Development and Training and Development, mainly.